Japan – Links

Right now, this is a bit of dumping ground of great articles, places and suggestions for Japan. Maybe I’ll form this into something of legible value eventually. But for the moment, just my digital memory.

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Photo: Travel route


Photo: Travel Plan

CITIX60 : Tokyo – Tour book for Tokyo. “60 local creatives bring you the best of the city”
(This is where the ‘Kangaroo Hotel’ came from)

Rag Tag – An epic used designer clothing store chain in Tokyo

www.japan-guide.com – Pretty much the bible to all things Japan

New York Times – A $1,000 Day in Tokyo for $100 – note, this is actually near impossible without really knowing where you are going

Kangaroo Hotel – Accomodation in Tokyo, kind of in the burbs but a nice breather

Kamakura – A cute wee beach town worth a day trip from Tokyo (on a nice day!)

Ryokan – General info

K’s House – Affordable accomodation. Great vibe, big lounge. It’s cool.

Nui – Hostel & Bar lounge in Toyko

Imano Tokyo Hostel – In Shinjuku, Tokyo. IT WAS AWESOME, and Shinjuku is about the best place to set up in you’re in Toko for a whole

Ryokan Murayama – Same here, booked for Takayama! Excited to hang out in a Ryokan

Love Hotels – Kind of fascinated by them, and apparently it’s totally acceptable for travellers to stay in them just for fun, nothing dodgy! Plus they’re amazing! I didn’t get to this time but nest time FOR SURE

Osaka Guesthouse Sakura – This was amazingly cheap and a superb location. It’s probably going to be tiny, but I’m okay with that (at the moment)

Miyajima Guest House Mikuniya – My absolute numer one favorite guest house. it was a dream, they gave me goodluck gifts, and there were two racoons who were best friends who visited everyday. One was white!