Bangkok, Thailand

What a whirlwind! Bangkok was my first, stop over and (will be) my last city of SE Asia. It’s a mighty place, where every tourist and traveller is in transit mode, either on their way to the island or connecting onto another flight. For that reason, the theme is almost always jam-as-much-as-you-can-into-a-day.

On night one I was woken by incredible thunder and lightening, louder and brighter than I have ever seen/heard before. At first I thought someone had fallen through the roof or maybe the building was coming down around me!

Night two was Khao San Road – the travellers capital of the city. At dusk they close the street to cars and pack up the markets. Then, as tourists descend it turns into a full force dance party with all the bells and whistles.

With all the dancing drained out of me at the Full Moon Party, (post to come) I stayed on Silom Road and had a birthday drink on the 64th floor of the Lebua State Tower at the Sky Bar. Hilarious for those around me as my skittishness about heights was revealed.

The heat was around 35-38 in the city, although I was informed (by the internet) it felt more like 44.


IMG_1735 (1)

View from my birthday hotel


DSCF3125 (1)

Koi at my first Hostel – Feung Nakorn Balcony. They served much entertainment while drinking beer and escaping the heat


IMG_1586 (1)

Khao San Road. They also had signs that said ‘We won’t check your ID’


IMG_1589 (1)

Grand Palace

This is the only photo I took as it was a miserable! They don’t control how many people are in at a time so it was absolute chaos. Yelling, spitting, umbrella poking [in eyes], selfie sticks, giant hats.. not a serine temple experience but an experience non the less. Don’t get me wrong though, the actual grounds and temple buildings are amazing.


IMG_1593 (1)


IMG_1603 (1)


DSCF3146 (1)

Bangkok Flower Market

A common occurrence is seeing huge bouquets of flowers and wreaths strapped to shoddy mopeds for delivery


IMG_1757 (1)

View from the Lebua State Tower’s Sky Bar. Happy Birthday to me!


[Note, one more stop in Bangkok to come, this post may be added to, depending on tiredness of traveller]


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