Kaikoura, New Zealand

Me and Harley. Photo: Jude Hurndell

Tova, couldn’t possibly be more tired.

And has stolen Ella’s best seat

Sunrise 9th May

Team Green Hills

Tova has fully embraced her temp farm life. This was after she’d rolled in cowpat, then every muddy puddle in sight, then we chased a couple of rouge cattle through the fodderbeat which made her strawberry blonde. At least washed off the rest of the yuck!


One thought on “Kaikoura, New Zealand

  1. Dear Brig,

    Kaikoura never had it so good…beautiful model, up-market jeans, handsome cattle, obedient dogs, strawberry blond pet, stunning sunrise and serene countryside… makes you wonder, why leave little paradise? Answer … many more and even greater paradises to come!!!



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